Coronavirus testing for business

Test your Team for COVID-19 and Your Team Back to Work

Getting employees back to work is a major challenge for employers, and more importantly ensuring the safety of staff and their families during the pandemic should be a major priority.

We provide Covid 19 bulk testing either on a one-off basis or regular testing for  your workforce, which your staff can conveniently take in the comfort of their homes. The exception is the Workplace Rapid Antigen testing, the service is managed by qualifed healthcare professionals, and is designed to handle Covid related testing activities for organisations or the in-clinic Rapid Antigen testing provided in our Newcastle.  

We provide home sample test kit for staff, the sample collection kit comes with   step-by-step instructions on how the test should be taken and a prepaid Royal Mail shipping label.

The workplace testing programme is designed to minimise disruption in  organisations, through ensuring that your workforce stay safe whilst meeting the goals of the organisation in a challenging global pandemic. 

Our Coronavirus services will:
  • Give your staff the confidence to return to work safely
  • Help identify staff members who should self-isolate at home
  • Ensure a protected and safe environment in the workplace
  • Enable your organisation to be proactive with their planning

If you’re a business that requires multiple tests to find out if your staff are infected with Covid 19 or they’ve had it and developed an immune response, you can order any of our test online. Please kindly complete our online form below and we will respond to you promptly.

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Royal Mail Christmas and New Year Operating times.

The Royal Mail postal service will not be available from December 24th – 28th 2021 and on January 3rd 2022. Please be aware that test samples or test kits posted during this time intervals will be delivered on the next business day. You can use our Courier Service to drop off your samples if you stay in London/M25, alternatively you can make arrangements to drop your samples at our Labs. Happy holidays!

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