Test Kit Registration

Thank you for your business!

All Test Kits must be registered carefully to the appropriate Laboratory, before posting to the laboratory so your test results are not delayed.


1. Review the front of your test box.
2. Read the postage label to understand where your test will be sent to be processed.
3. The laboratory name on the prepaid postal label will determine your choice of laboratory (Salient Bio or Oncologica)
4. Select the appropriate laboratory choice below and register your test.
5. If you are unsure which option to choose please contact us expediently at admin@a1globaltesting.com

Covid-19 Kit Registration

Before sending the KIT to the laboratory, the activation procedure and any declaration necessary to issue the certificate must be completed. You will require your PIN (provided by us after purchase) and Barcode (10 characters stated on your Test Kit  plastic bag).

You must select the correct test -General Test (Fit to Fly and other general tests), Day 2 Test, Day 8 Test and Day 5 Test when registering your sample, or you will not receive the correct certificate for your test. You will require your Barcode (12 digit number stated on your Test Kit plastic bag) and booking reference (not required for general test).

Royal Mail Christmas and New Year Operating times.

The Royal Mail postal service will not be available from December 24th – 28th 2021 and on January 3rd 2022. Please be aware that test samples or test kits posted during this time intervals will be delivered on the next business day. You can use our Courier Service to drop off your samples if you stay in London/M25, alternatively you can make arrangements to drop your samples at our Labs. Happy holidays!

Click to see Royal Mail holiday hours.